Weekends should always be like that...

I had a killer weekend. There wasn't anything THAT huge, but it was fun, productive, and consistent through the four days...

Thursday was really cool. My buddies' band EVEN THE ODD headlined at the Emerald Theatre. They advertised me as a special guest, so I brought some art to display to promote FV3. (See MattBusch.com for more on that.) My family and friends came out- it was a good time. Anyway, EVEN THE ODD had me come on stage to play a song of theirs with them on guitar. It was soooo much fun. I hadn't realized how much I miss performing music until I did it again. I went nuts! All those years of pent-up rocking let out at once! Too funny...

However, even better being on stage, jumping around like an idiot while people cheer, was the way she kissed me when I got off stage. She was so supportive and loved every minute of it. She is what really made me feel like a rock star. It boggles my mind how much she can make me feel like a king.

Friday was cool. We went to the Cider Mill and scarfed down some donuts, cider, and Chocolate Peanut Butter FUDGE. Then we went shopping at Oakland Mall, went tanning, got some kick ass Little Sleazers pizza and Cheesy Garlic Bread sticks. We were supposed to watch that Rob Zombie flick in my home theatre, but never got around to it...

Saturday. Wow. I was so nervous. I met her Mom for the first time. We met up at Mongolian BarBQ and had a fab time. My only regret was that it was a frickin' zoo there, and I should have picked a place a little more laid back. I really wanted to 'talk' to her Mom. I felt that weeks ago we got off on the wrong foot, and she was really led to believe the wrong idea about me. She is still a little reserved, but the fact that she is keeping an open mind and somewhat giving me a chance means a lot to me.

Her MOM is so cute! What an incredible woman. I can only hope to hang out more. I felt shy, and was nervous about accidentally saying the wrong things, but I expect I'll loosen up quite a bit more the next time we hang out. Hopefully I can be as close to her mom as Sarah is with my family...

Anyway, after that Sarah and I went to go check out my buddie's band MR. BUBBLES, she won a Winnie the Pooh basketball in a bowling Alley, and then we got kicked out in the middle of our 2nd pool game! So we went home and rented DOWN WITH LOVE. Cute flick.

Sunday. The day of rest. Sarah came furniture shopping with me and my folks. We went to a zillion places and never found what I want, but it was nice and lazy just kickin' around on comfy sofas. We all went to IHOP and had the crappiest service and food I remember in a long time. My Belgian Waffle was okay, but everyone else had less than stellar food with less than stellar timing and service. My milkshake was nothing more than foamy milk. Gross. I won't be eating at IHOP again any time soon.

My sister Jess met up with us and we visited the hospital where my Grandma is staying. It's not too serious but she is in a lot of pain. Sarah was then a peach enough to come with me to Shawn's, where I had to put final approvals on the designs for the FV3 posters, post cards, and DVD packaging... It took 4 frickin' hours, but Sarah was a peach the whole time.

Turned in relatively early Sunday Night, so I was feelin' good Monday morning back at the daily grind. Jeez- Weekends should always be like that!

Hi Sal!

I'm so flattered that you actually read this! :) I'm not here right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

Weight has been lifted...

Weight has been lifted in a number of ways in the last couple days, and I'm feeling really good about it.

For one, I was kinda (and still kinda) fasting, so I've dropped a few pounds. That always feels good.

But moreso- Sarah's mom finally knows about us- and finally knows the TRUTH. Since I'm 10 years older than Sarah, she was hesitant to tell her Mom about me. Her mom had issues with her last boyfriend, Sal, who was 17 years older than her. What made things worse is that Sarah didn't start talking about me until mentioning what a good teacher I am. So when her mom started to catch on, all she knew was that I was her teacher! She was under the impression that I was just a creepy teacher that hit on Sarah or something.

I never realized how much weight had to be lifted from my chest until it happened! I know Sarah has got to feel good about this, too. Had Sarah been honest with everyone, including Sal, from the beginning, this could have been drama-free. I guess hindsight is always 20/20.

Anyway, now things are they way they should be.


I've been so busy, but my mission soon is to update the look of my ugly LJ...

Then I need to find me some LJ friends!

Well Well Well...

I feel like I should make a toast or something... I was wondering how long it would take her to find this! Haha!

So what's going on? I only have one LJ friend right now, so I doubt anyone is reading this anyway.

There's so much to tell... So much to talk about... So much going on in my life...

But all I can think about is her.

The situation is complicated, but above all, I love her more than I can possibly begin to write. She makes me want to be a better person. She makes me feel like I am king.

And I know I make her feel that way... But at times she's not happy. Like I said, it's complicated. I can't begin to write it down for it to make sense.

The bottom line is that I love her and she makes me feel complete. She makes me laugh, she makes me dream, she makes me creative, she makes me smile. I know I would be happy spoiling her ass for the rest of my life.

Highs and Lows...

Wow. Where to begin. So much has happened since the last post. It's been the greatest Summer of my life. But of course, it comes at a price. And that price is an occasional glass of DRAMA.

Hopefully it's behind us.

Sarah's ex boyfriend has been creeping up into our business and spreading lies about me. I have to admit, though, if I were in his shoes, what wouldn't I do to get her back? She is one amazing girl. Oh well, the truth always prevails, and Sarah knows where I stand with her.

Summer is almost over. A new semester is upon us. And we'll be going to the Sand Dunes soon! I can't wait to get Sarah on one of the Yamahas! She needs a get-away from all she's been through.

Last week I threw a party and FINALLY got to meet Sarah's friends! They were really relieved to meet me. Sarah didn't tell them about me at first since she was living with Sal, and so they only knew that I was her teacher... Rightly so- they had reservations. It's nice to be able to meet people and have them judge you for you, rather than what they assume.

Anyway, if I could just meet Sarah's Mom, then there would be no more hiding!

And Sarah, if you're reading this... I LOVE YOU! :)


Wow. I have to admit, the blackout scared the hell out of me. They're saying it wasn't terrorism, but how do we know for sure. While I'm not intentionally prepared for something like this, I did have plenty of bottled water and food that could have kept me going for a while.

One thing I didn't have was candles! And get this- Sarah's Mother sent her over with some candles for me! How sweet is that? Jesus, I can't wait to meet this lady.

Anyway, Sarah and I had a blast doing late night pool hopping through the neighborhood.

And sheesh- it makes you relealize how dependent we are on electricity and technology. I'm not looking ofrward to that happening again any time soon.

In the heat of the Summer!

Summer is about half way over! It's moving waaaay too fast!

School is going well. The freelance stuff keeps pouring in. And Sarah is wonderful.

Most of my time has been spent editing the Step By Step featurette with Sarah for the DVD. It is the funniest thing I've ever seen! But it should also be pretty infomative on my painting process. At the very least, it'll be entertaining. And the coolest artist DVD ever! Does any other artist even have a DVD collection? If they do, it's certainly nothing like this.

Things are great on the Sarah front. I fall more in love with her each day. The good news is that she is finally settled in with her Mom. The bad news is that she finally gave her car back to Sal, so she's without wheels. But she doesn't live far, so I don't mind picking her up when she can't use her Mom's car.

We're planning a bunch of trips, too. The Sand Dunes with my family next month... And somewhere tropical this Christmas when it's cold here... And at some point Sarah has to see L.A... She'll love it!

Fantastic Visions DVD

So my brother has been showing me how to use iDVD on the Mac. I have years' worth of video footage, animations, digital slideshows, and even radio interviews. I'm pleased to announce (even though I'm assuming no one is even reading this.... YET!) the release of my new DVD.

It will be called FANTASTIC VISIONS, named after the book, and my goal is to release is at FV3 this November. I can't wait.

The only thing left that the DVD needs is a Step By Step feature, which is what I'm working on now. It's a painting of Sarah, done in time-lapse footage, but also I'll be filming a live segment with Sarah to accompany it- hopefully next week! So that will be cool...

I'm continually blown away with how cool technology is getting.

Catch up!

Jeez... I was really planning on writing in this thing more often than I am. I just keep getting caught up in the daily stuff between work, school, and Sarah.

Sarah has been just awesome. We've done so much together. We've gone camping and even chaparoned a field trip to Cedar Point with my boy Scott and Jeanette. It's also really interesting to see how motivated Sarah is in class. I don't like hiding our relationship, but I guess our personal life is best kept personal.

Sarah and I are also contemplating having her just move here. But unlike Sal, I really want to get on her Mom's good side. And she lives so close. Sarah and I have already talked about Marriage, but we both have all the time in the world. I really want to do this right and not have Sarah 'living in sin' like she was with Sal.

I'll tell you what Sarah does need, though... A cell phone, honey!!!!